Jose L Ferrer winery in Binissalem. | MDB


There has been a significant decline in wine production in Majorca during 2019, despite the fact that more land was used for vineyards.

125 extra hectares were dedicated to growing grapes in 2019, but production decreased by 4.36% to 8,140,441 kilos and the amount of grapes harvested was down by 5.39% to 5,232,100 litres.

Lack of rain and extreme heat during the high season is being blamed for the decrease, but experts say the quality of the grapes and the wine made from them is extremely good.

The area of cultivation of the Protected Geographical Indicator Vi of the Terra Mallorca increased from 733 hectares to 833, but production was static at 4.5 million kilos.

The DO Binissalem also increased the number of hectares dedicated to vines but production was down by nearly 11%, a long way from the historic 3.3 million kilos of 2010.

Production at the DO Pla i Llevant also fell by 10% and the harvest was also much lower than last year.