The Plaça Mallorca in Inca. | J.R.


The Partido Popular opposition in Inca has criticised what it describes as "traffic chaos". To coincide with Christmas shopping, road works have meant the closure of two streets and left just a single entrance into the centre of Inca. On top of these closures, there is the ongoing work to redevelop the Plaça Mallorca.

Over the weekend, the PP say, there were significant traffic jams. The situation has caused concern to both businesses and residents and is the result of "non-existent planning". Party spokesperson, Félix Sánchez, points out that two other streets are to be closed, making it "obvious that the town hall administration is neither efficient nor effective".

Sánchez says that it is almost impossible to get into the centre of Inca and to car parks. There is no information about alternatives routes. He asks what consumers who wish to support local businesses can do, when the car park at Plaça Mercat is inaccessible, the car park under Plaça Mallorca is closed because of the redevelopment, and the one at Plaça Antoni Mateu is full up with vehicles that have been transferred from Plaça Mallorca.

In view of the problems, the PP spokesperson has reiterated the need for the bypass to the north of Inca. This will mean that unnecessary jams will not be caused because of the number of vehicles which at present have to come into the centre.