Archive image of a patera arriving in Santanyi

Archive image of a patera arriving in Santanyi.

26-09-2017Gori Vicens

The illegal immigrants detained on Boxing Day will not be sent immediately to mainland detention centres because there is currently no space.

There were twenty-seven in all, seventeen in Majorca. As well as these people, more arrived on the south coast of Spain.

The numbers are such that the detention centres are full up. Because of this situation, the illegal immigrants in the Balearics did not appear in court yesterday, which should have been the normal procedure.They are instead being given accommodation and food by social services.

The national government delegation says that it expects spaces at the detention centres to be available in the next few days.

The immigrants will then be rearrested, appear in court and sent to the mainland.

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S.O. / Hace over 2 years

Paul H: It wasn’t my intention to ‘single out’ the British as the only offenders. I only mentioned British because there have been several editorials in the Bulletin recently about the number of British residents who have still not registered.


Palma Dave / Hace over 2 years

Tomeu, You better get your order in asap for a new donkey. If the Brits stop coming to Mallorca thats the only 4 wheel (hoof) drive you will be able to afford. Something you might reflect on whilst reading a newspaper produced in Mallorca for British readers


Bert / Hace over 2 years

Ha Tomeu, you obviously still haven’t recovered from your binge drinking over Christmas. Take a few aspirins and be careful this New Year


Tomeu / Hace over 2 years

The day after Brexit is signed, the British will be considered as immigrants outside the Union and treated in the same way as illegal, same chinese, algerian, russian, etc, etc, that is, they will be detained, taken to a criminal court and the deportation order decreed. Also the Social Security once known the order of deportation of English by the Oficina de Extranjería of Palma de Mallorca will communicate it to the Social Security, which will order to seize the current account of English that has collected the unemployment benefit from 2018 Currently there is absolutely no agreement between the Kingdom of Spain and England. It seems incredible but it is what there is at the moment, the chaos will be total and absolute for the English in Mallorca. English, you better look for good lawyers. Happy new brexit year


John Parkinson / Hace over 2 years

Come on S.O. I hope you are not suggesting there are some British who have not registered as they will still be on electoral register in Britain to claim full benefits,fly home for free NHS operations,and obviously they would not work “under the radar “ in Mallorca and not pay tax,etc. Surprisingly I did not red tick you! Looking forward to coming in the summer to be told how stupid we were to vote out of EU,but fully expect Spain to come out in the future if the government are brave enough to let the citizens have a vote.


Paul H / Hace over 2 years

S O Surely there are many nationalities living in Spain who have not registered so why single out the British. there are many looky-looky men who just get a slapped wrist and just carry on.


S.O. / Hace over 2 years

It seems there are a few illegal British immigrants around too from all these reports of British residents who have never registered with the authorities, something they are supposed to do within three months of residing in Spain.

Do feel free to red tick my comment! ;-).


Bert / Hace over 2 years

And then they will be set free again to do whatever they like. Great !