La Raixa manor house at Bunyola, Majorca. | plozano


The interpretation centre at the Raixa finca in Bunyola is to be renovated over the next few months, with the intention being that it will house all aspects of the Tramuntana Mountains' natural and ethnological heritage.

Work at the estate has been approved by the Council of Majorca's heritage committee and is now waiting on the issuing of a building licence. A budget of almost half a million euros has been allocated to work to cover all the exhibition areas.

A key aspect of the renovation will be to restore the manorial character of the main building. Another is the creation of spaces to highlight the Unesco World Heritage Site declaration for the Tramuntana and the historical and cultural values to be observed in twenty municipalities which led to the declaration having been made.

New uses are envisaged through the installation of moveable features on the ground floor. There will be more up-to-date interactive technologies (a fundamental ingredient of what is understood by the term "interpretation centre"), and the whole centre will be structured in such a way as there is a narrative to explain the Unesco declaration.

Traditions and the people of the mountains and the municipalities will be contained in a section called voices of the mountain range. Other sections will be nature of the mountain range; stone and water, which considers the particular importance of the Muslim era hydraulics systems; and "living and living together", which will reflect on the future of the mountains and of the Raixa finca.