Abandoned rubbish is, unfortunately, commonplace. | Iris Luque


Almost a thousand people were penalised by Emaya for fly-tipping and leaving rubbish in the street in 2019.

"An environmental controller goes to an area where a spill has been detected, looks for evidence and if any data is found, draws up a record,” said Lluís Amengual, who’s responsible for the service.

The operators recorded incidents that resulted in 982 sanctions between January and December last year. 685 of them were for breaching the urban waste ordinance by leaving rubbish outside the containers, which Amengual says is not allowed, although cardboard boxes can be left next to the containers.

Companies and individuals were also penalised for leaving junk beside the containers in a bid to avoid paying recycling costs.

“In the Green Parks of Palma there is an extended schedule and a wide variety of objects can be deposited for free, to try to encourage the citizen to properly deposit waste”.

504 individuals and 478 companies were fined for not complying with the rules on rubbish collection.