The signs are already being prepared in Inca's streets | Juanjo Roig


New speed restrictions have been introduced in school areas in Inca and the maximum speed limit is now 20 kilometres an hour.

“The new regulations will improve mobility in the streets adjacent to educational centres and increase the safety of pedestrians", said the Councilor of Seguretat Ciutadana, Sebastià Oriol.

Signalling work began on Thursday in all streets affected by the new regulations and all schools in the city centre will have new horizontal signage, as well as the IES Berenguer d'Anoia, the CEIP Ponent and the Beata Francinaina Cirer school.

“We are continuing to take steps to improve mobility in Inca and ensure the safety of pedestrians, especially in school areas. This speed limitation is a much demanded measure by both the AMIPAS of Inca and the Vianants Inca platform,” said Inca Mayor, Virgilio Moreno.