Protest rally against separatism in Palma on Sunday.


An estimated 700 people took to the streets in Palma on Sunday in responding to the call to demonstrate in favour of "a government which respects the Constitution and sovereignty".

Marches and rallies had been organised in other Spanish cities by España Existe, a movement related to Vox. In Palma, the demonstration attracted a number of groups, such as the Hermandad Monárquica de España (Monarchical Brotherhood of Spain). The march started at 11.30 in Plaça Espanya and arrived in Plaça Cort just before midday; the town hall building was the focal point for the protest, as town halls were elsewhere in the country.

Jorge Campos, the leader of Vox in the Balearics, gave a speech in which he stated that Spain should not feel ashamed of its identity. Nor should the country reject its history and "the efforts and sacrifices of its ancestors". "The heritage and sovereignty are today threatened by a government in the hands of separatism."

Campos made an appeal to voters from all parties. People who had voted for left-wing parties, he suggested, are the ones now feeling most deceived. In his view, a majority of left-wing voters do not want "their vote to break up Spain".

During the demonstration there were calls for President Armengol and Prime Minister Sánchez to resign. There were no incidents of any significance, the police only having needed to intervene when some of the protesters began insulting someone who was booing while Campos spoke.


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John Parkinson / Hace over 2 years

No need to worry,there will be yet another General Election in the very near future.This coalition government gives Sanchez the post of Prine Minister by 167 to 165 votes.He has had to appoint 4 deputy prime ministers.Best of luck in getting a budget through bearing in mind there were 18 abstentions.