The only adult arrested for gang rape, arriving at the Palma courts last week. | A. Sepúlveda


The teenager who was accused 7 boys of raping her in the Corea neighbourhood of Palma on Christmas Eve has asked to be transferred to the Peninsula because she’s terrified there will be repercussions.

She claims that the detainees are very violent and have trials pending and believes they’ll stab her in revenge for reporting them. Some of the defendants live in Corea, the rest live in Son Gotleu.

Investigators are reportedly trying to clarify whether there is a network of child prostitution behind the case.

The facts:

According to the case file, the teenager had run away from an education centre and went into a building in Son Gotleu.

She reportedly sold a gold chain to buy substances and was in an alley with a friend when two black men tried to abuse them.

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They were saved by the owner of a bar, but he allegedly wouldn’t let them leave and gave them alcoholic drinks and drugs.

When a friend of the victim appeared in a car full of young people she told the teenager they were going to a party in an apartment in Corea and and they put her in the trunk of the vehicle.

When she got to the house she saw other children she recognised and feared they intended to abuse her. She told her friend she wanted to leave the house, but the friend allegedly said she would only open the door if she did exactly what she was told. The victim was then taken to a room, where at least 7 minors allegedly took turns raping her.


The girl who took her to the room has been arrested as have 6 others who are accused of sexually assaulting the victim and a 19-year-old was arrested, then released.

Investigators have confirmed that in addition to the alleged gang rape, the 13-year-old girl, also suffered a sexual assault inside a vehicle in Calle Aragó in Palma on the same day.