The National Police have made another arrest in connection with the case

The National Police have made another arrest in connection with the case.


A judge has ordered the provisional release of a 19 year old arrested for the alleged gang rape of a teenage girl on Christmas Eve.

He’s the only adult charged in connection with the sexual assault and was on release from Es Pinaret Detention Centre when the incident happened.

Six boys aged 15 and 16 were detained earlier this week.

A seventh minor is now also under arrest, it is believed he is the one who encouraged the victim to attend the party in the Corea neighbourhood of Palma.

The victim told Police that she went to Son Gotleu with the defendants on Christmas Eve and that they took turns sexually assaulting her, then took her to an apartment in Camp Redo and continued to abuse her.

Investigators have confirmed that the girl was also sexually assaulted inside a vehicle in a vacant lot at the end of Aragon Street in Palma on the same day.

All of the defendants claim the sex was consensual and have handed over video and WhatsApp conversations in a bid to prove they did not rape the 13-year-old.


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thomas curran / Hace over 2 years

Is it possible in Spain for a 13 year old child to give consent to sex with anyone? Does Spain have a close to the age exemption?

In most of the world in such a case it is rape because no consent is recognized. The defense proffered is a delusion. The term used is statutory rape.

As many tourists read your newspaper they would likely benefit if your journalist could clarify the law as written coverage of this incident leaves the impression that a foolish or vulnerable child is fair game for predators. One doubts that is the case. Spain should be seen as civilized.