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If you’re thinking about driving to Palma for the Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià festivals, forget it, parking will be heavily restricted and it will be almost impossible to find a space anywhere in the city.

But don't worry, because Majorca Rail Services, or SFM has just announced that there will be more trains in the afternoon to get you into Palma and a night service to get you home after the Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià revetlas.

Sant Antoni is celebrated today and four extra trains will be running from Palma to sa Pobla during the Sant Antoni celebrations.

Trains will depart from Palma to Inca as normal at 17.50, 18.50, 19.50 and 20.50 and continue on to Sa Pobla, with stops at all intermediate stations.

There will be three extra trains on the sa Pobla to Inca route at 19.12, 20.12 and 21.12.

Three special services will depart from Palma to Sa Pobla at 23.15, 01.15 and 03:15 and another three will run from Palma to Manacor.

There will also be seven trains back to Palma, four from Sa Pobla and three from Manacor with the first train from Sa Pobla leaving at 23.45.

Sant Sebastià

Special night trains will also be in operation from Palma to sa Pobla and Palma to Manacor for the Sant Sebastià, revetla on Sunday 19 and Monday 20.

The first train from Palma to Sa Pobla will leave the intermodal station at 23.15 and there will be a train every hour with the last departure at 03.15.

Trains from Manacor to Palma will depart at 23.30, 01:30 and 03.30.

So leave the car at home and enjoy the party!

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