Tourists inMagalluf

Tourists in Magalluf.


The Association of British travel agents warned this morning that British families could be driven away from key Majorcan resorts if it adopted a "misguided" proposal to restrict alcohol in hotels in Magalluf and the Playa de Palma, according to a report in Travel Weeklty.

ABTA told the travel newspaper: “This proposal is misguided… it targets the wrong market. Typically, all-inclusive customers in the Balearics are not 22-year-olds, but families who appreciate the convenience and ability to control budgets. Restricting their choices may drive families elsewhere.” Writing exclusively for Travel Weekly, White also called on the Balearics to develop a more “joined up” approach, and suggested bars and supermarkets should be more strict about checking customers’ IDs when they purchase booze.

According to the report in Travel Weekly, travel giant TUI backed Abta, calling for “extensive research” before such a proposal is implemented. A spokesman said: “As the leading package holiday operator to destinations including the Balearics, we’re involved in discussions on the proposals to introduce restrictions on all inclusive holidays in the region.


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Yogi / Hace over 2 years

This law will be easily circumvented by the dedicated boozers. As for driving away tourists? Doubt families will mind the marginal extra cost for extra drinks and they would probably like to be somewhere not spoiled by the mindless pissheads fouling up the place. That's what will drive away the tourists.


Steve Kane / Hace over 2 years

This is just another way of Majorca saying its got too many Tourists. It's about time the Tourists took charge and said ok enough is enough we will take our hard-earned cash to other countries where we WILL be welcome then we will see how the government will cope without the lifeblood that IS THE TOURIST. How will they cope with the VAST amount of unemployment that would be caused if we the Tourist stopped spending on Majorca? Get real the only way to stop this is to raise the age limit to 21yr old and strictly enforce it along the strips in Magaluf and the other hot spots for teenage drinking.