Hundreds of people visit Palma for the day and redistributing them should help with saturation. Archive photo. | Peter Smiatek


Palma City Council has announced that the scattering of cruise passengers to different arrival points across the city will continue this year and this system will also be used to distribute tour bus passengers coming from other parts of the island.

“We will continue with the redistribution of cruise passengers, but also from this year we want to include tourists who stay outside the city and take a day trip to visit Palma, through a travel agency or Hotel. To avoid saturation in the Old Town, they will also be distributed upon arrival in the city instead of all getting off the bus at Moll Vell,” according to the Manager of the Fundació Turisme Palma 365, Pedro Homar.

Pedro Homar together with Elena Navarro at the Balearic stand

Homar pointed out that "between 500 and 600 people a day visit the city in high season and by bringing them to different entry points, their arrival in the old town will be staggered and other areas of Palma that are not so touristy will benefit.”

There are currently four entry points in Carrer de Caro, Via Roma, Plaça d'Espanya and Costa del Gas and the ones that works best are Costa del Gas and Plaça d'Espanya.

The bus tour companies will decide which entry point suits passengers, depending on whether they like to walk or have other preferences that are best suited to one place in particular.