The family of David Cabrera have expressed their thanks at the efforts made by the emergency services.

23-01-2020Alejandro Sepúlveda

Marga Prohens, a Partido Popular member of Congress from the Balearics, has branded Pedro Sánchez's use of the Guardia Civil helicopter a "national disgrace". The helicopter, which took the prime minister to see damage caused by Storm Gloria, was - in Prohens' words - prevented for some hours from searching for David Cabrera, who had gone missing in the Torrent de Na Mora.

Speaking on Monday, Prohens stated that it had not been necessary to use the helicopter. It had been an "act of irresponsibility" on behalf of the prime minister. The search had been stopped so that "photos could be taken", and she likened these to 'Top Gun'.

The PP have registered a request for the national government delegate in the Balearics, Ramon Morey, to appear before Congress and give a detailed explanation about the use of the helicopter, given the "lack of consistency" in explanations which have been offered by the Spanish government.

Referring to what Morey had to say on Sunday, Prohens added that it was essential to know why, for example, the helicopter had not been scheduled for use in the search on Thursday, whereas it had been on other days.

In response to the PP, President Armengol, believed that the PP had reached the heights of "indecency" with their "demagoguery" criticising Sánchez. The president denied that the use of the helicopter by Sánchez had paralysed the search and argued that the PP were behaving in this "crazy" manner because they were worried about Vox usurping their political position.

Meanwhile, the family of David Cabrera expressed their "total indignation" at the "political, repugnant and perverse" utilisation of the helicopter affair by certain political parties and elements of the media, stressing their certainty that the use of the helicopter by the prime minister had not harmed the search operations. The family pointed to the maximum efforts that have been made by the security forces, the fire service, Civil Protection and numerous volunteers.

They added that they only have words of thanks for all those involved in the search operation, including those with political responsibilities who have spoken in a sincere manner.


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