Final of the World Championship of Pa amb Oli between the champion of Majorca, Es Llogaret and the champion of Ibiza, the restaurant Ca n' Alfredo. | CATI CLADERA - CC SB - EFE - EFE


As the Bulletin reported this week, the second Pa amb oli World Championship is coming up and the official presentation was made on Wednesday for the second Pa amb Oli World Championship, which is to be held at the end of February.

It will form part of the Pa amb Oli Fair in Palma’s Feixina Park and will coincide with March the first celebrations of Balearics Day. There are two stages for the championship. Winners from the first stage in Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza will go forward to the grand final on the first day of the fair - the 28 February.

As well as pa amb oli, the fair will highlight dishes that are typical of the Balearics, e.g. frito, tumbet and sopas mallorquinas.

Miquel Àngel Coll, the Balearic government’s director general of institutional relations, said at the presentation that Balearics Day will promote local products and be an occasion to promote the characteristics of the individual islands as well as those “which unite us, as is the case with pa amb oli”.

Antoni Martorell, the managing director of AgenciaCom, which is organising the championship, observed that a good pa amb oli cannot be made without the two essential ingredients of bread and oil.

For this, he expressed his thanks for having the collaboration of the Balearics Association of Bakers and the DO Oli de Mallorca regulatory council.

The president of the bakers association, Pep Magraner, stressed that the bread for pa amb oli needs to be made with local flour and that a good slice of bread should be moist with a crunchy crust.

Joan Mayol of the DO said that there was pride in pa amb oli using the “healthiest fat that there is”, i.e. olive oil, a product that it is deeply rooted in the islands’ culture.
If you think you can make a mean Pa amb Oli email us your recipe and provide a picture if you feel that confident.