Calvia police will be carrying out more vehicle control campaigns.

31-01-2020Ajuntament de Calvia

Over the week up to last Sunday, Calvia police carried out a campaign to check on vehicles. A total of 245 vehicles were pulled over and fines were issued in respect of 46 of them; almost one in five, therefore.

Of these 46, there were 29 for not having an up-to-date ITV (MOT) or for driving without a licence; 24 were cars and five were motorcycles. Five vehicles carrying goods were checked and all were found to breach some form of regulation. A further reason for fines was deficiencies with lights.

The police will be undertaking more campaigns to check on vehicles over the next few weeks.


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Britbabe / Hace about 1 year

So Fred, are you happy for unlicenced drivers and unlicenced and unchechecked vehicles to be on the roads? I´m sure you´d change your view if any one of them ran into you or maybe killed a member of your family. Of course Calvia needs money - all areas do - but the roads need to be safe too.


Fred T / Hace about 1 year

Pathetic money making exercise. The police are as bad as the Looky Looky men. Why aren't they going after real criminals ?