The Council of Majorca needs to reactivate improvement work. | Michel's


Political parties at Andratx town hall have unanimously agreed to insist that the Council of Majorca undertakes all works necessary to improve safety along the S'Arracó to Sant Elm road. The town hall wants this work to be carried during the period of the current administration - by early 2023 at the very latest.

At the town hall's council meeting on Thursday, it was noted that the Council of Majorca had started improvement and widening work in 2014. This was when the Partido Popular were running the Council, and it was the PP who brought up the matter at the Andratx meeting. When there was a change at the Council in 2015 (to the pact of PSOE, Més and Podemos), the work was suspended. Nothing more has happened.

Estefanía Gonzalvo, the leader of the opposition PP in Andratx, observed that the lack of maintenance along the whole road is obvious. The surface is in a poor condition, there are potholes, there aren't safe places for drivers who have to stop, branches are crossing the road. All the other parties at the town hall - El Pi, PSOE, Més, Ciudadanos and Podemos - agreed that the road poses a risk to users. This risk is heightened in the summer because of the numbers of cars, bikes, delivery trucks and coaches.