The swimming pool at Son Roca where the incident occurred. | National Police


Five people have been detained by the National Police in connection with the death of a worker at the Son Roca municipal swimming pool in Palma in August last year.

The 54-year-old died after falling seven metres from scaffolding. The homicide squad has determined that there was an attempt at cover-up by interfering with the scene of the incident, that there was serious negligence and that there was non-assistance to a person in danger.

Forensic evidence points to scaffolding not having had the necessary safety requirements. The deficiencies with the scaffolding resulted in the falls of two workers - the 54-year-old, who died some hours later at Son Espases, and another who suffered a heavy blow to the head. The manipulation of the scene involved disassembling the scaffolding and cleaning up blood.

The five people who have been arrested include the heads of the company which had been awarded a contract for improvement work at the pool and of a subcontractor. They have both been charged with reckless homicide. Two of the victim's fellow workers, both Pakistani and without proper documentation, have been charged with non-assistance to a person in danger. A fifth person has been charged with falsifying health and safety documentation.