The orange shows where development could occur. | Terraferida

Environmentalists Terraferida want a reclassification of land in Palma and parts of Calvia. This land, 440 hectares, is currently classified as developable and could mean the building of 30,000 new homes. This figure is based on the regional government's existing inventory of vacant land. The 440 hectares equate to 21% of all vacant land identified by this inventory.

According to Terraferida, if development continues, the population of Palma (plus parts of Calvia) could increase by a further 100,000. This rise wouldn't take account of places made available for tourists but would increase pressure on water resources and water-treatment plants and affect natural spaces and fertile land for possible agricultural use. Areas of Palma that Terraferida identify include Son Vida, Nou Llevant and El Molinar; in Calvia, areas around Portals Nous are identified.

Development of these areas, the environmentalists maintain, would add to existing problems of saturation and contamination (from traffic). Up to 90,000 more cars would be on the roads, Terraferida calculate.