Gerg with the broken urn where he kept his mother's remains and the remaining ashes in a bag. | Redacción Local


Henning Gerg was evicted from his home last May and all his belongings were thrown into rubbish containers, including an urn containing his mother’s ashes, several high-end computers which he used for his work as a Video Editor and many other personal items.

They robbed me of my whole life and threw my mother's ashes in the trash,” he said.

Nearly ten months later, he claims he still has no idea why a court in Palma kicked him out of the house.

Gerg insists he never received a notice from the court that an eviction procedure had been filed against him and that the Department of Justice won’t give him or his lawyer a copy of the file.

"If they have nothing to hide, why don't they give it to me?" he asks.

The only documents he does have are the Judicial Commission ones ordering him to leave his home in 20 minutes. He left with just three pairs of underwear, some flip flops and a pair of pants.

He had lived in the villa in Bahía Grande in Llucmajor since 2018. The property has two doors which face different streets and have different addresses, but one of the entrances had been closed off.

Someone apparently tried to deliver a Judicial Notice to the door that is closed off which Gerg says was addressed to another person, not him.

Complaint to the TSJB

The Judicial body processed a verbal trial with the defendant in default, which is not unusual in cases of eviction, but the lawyer of the Administration allegedly refused to give him a copy of the proceedings and denied him the possibility of appearing in court on the grounds that the procedure had already been completed.

He was allowed to read the documents, but that didn’t really help because he has no knowledge of the legal process and doesn’t speak Spanish, only German and English.

Gerg’s lawyers are demanding access to the proceedings and say they have been waiting for months for the file to be transferred. Their client is claiming 150,000 for damages and suffering caused and says the urn containing his mother’s ashes is still broken.

A complaint has been filed with the Secretary of the Government Chamber of the TSJB.