Police have tweeted and released a video on how to spot the fake notes. | Ultima Hora

Palma Local Police have issued a warning about fake banknotes circulating in Palma.

A video published on social networks and WhatsApp groups shows people how to spot the telltale signs on the counterfeit notes.

On the 5 euros note the Mario Draghi signature has been replace with Movie Money; on the 20's, EURO has been replaced with a Greek symbol and the 10's have an inscription saying the money is not legal currency.

Apart from that, the size and appearance of the notes is very convincing, although the feel of the paper is very different to real money and an has been published on Twitter warning people about the scam.

Police of Palma @policiadepalma

You can buy money 'that looks legal to use as props in movies' or board games and hustlers are trying to pass them off as authentic. Learn how to distinguish the fake money from real money.