Meeting in Marratxi. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Dr. Javier Arranz, who’s a Family Doctor, Infectious Disease Specialist and Member of the Regional Committee of Alert for the coronavirus, gave a talk at the IES Marratxí auditorium on Monday afternoon to calm fears about the coronavirus.

A British man who lives with his wife and 2 daughters in Marratxí has been diagnosed with the virus and a 7 year old boy, who was in touch with the family, now has flu-like symptoms and has been admitted to Son Espases Hospital as a precaution.

Around a dozen residents and several students from health training cycles attended the talk along with the Deputy Mayor, Joan Francesc Canyelles, who said that everyday life in the municipality is “absolutely normal."

Dr. Arranz explained how the case was detected in the Island, what action people should take to avoid infection and called for calm.


"It makes no sense to wear masks in the street because the virus is not transmitted by air,” said Dr Arranz. “In Majorca there is no focus of infection and the only positive case confirmed so far was spread from outside the Island.”

He also pointed out that the family of the infected patient do not have the virus, that the father is recovering well and is no longer showing symptoms of the disease.

Dr Arranz acknowledged that investigating the patient’s contacts and tracking down everyone he’s been in touch with is not an easy task for the Department of Epidemiology, but he said that “the patient is a very tidy person and this has helped a lot.”

If a new positive case is detected, a new contact list will be put together and those people will receive a call or a message from the Health Service telling them exactly what to do.

”If they have no symptoms they can live a normal life, but they must control their temperature and be alert in case the symptoms do appear,” said Dr Arranz, adding, “if so, the recommendation is to call 061 and take the advice of the health experts.”

The Mayor of Marratxí, Miquel Cabot, has also appealed for “calm and caution," and assured the audience at the meeting that “everything is under control.”