Isabel Castro, Balearics minister for public administration. | Teresa Ayuga

The minister for public administration, Isabel Castro, explained in parliament on Tuesday that the "first draft" for creating a separate police force in the Balearics is ready. This draft refers to the establishment of a Balearic School of Public Security. Castro said that this is what efforts are being focused on. A report from the state's General Police Council would then be needed in order to "ensure coordination". A Balearics police law could then be approved.

Josep Castells of Més in Minorca observed that a pact had been reached a year ago regarding the development of a Balearics police force. The period for moving ahead on this was now over. In his view, Castro's statement demonstrated that it has not been worked on. "Was there a vote in favour of this because it was believed in or in order to look good?"

Castro responded by saying that it was an "exciting and complex project", which is being developed by the emergencies directorate (which comes under her ministry). However, before being in a situation of being able to have a police force for the region, the school needs to be established. "Without this, we cannot move forward."