One of the minors involved in the alleged gang rape on Christmas Eve. | A. SEPULVEDA

A teenage girl who was allegedly gang raped in Palma has been transferred to a juvenile centre in northern Spain.

The victim reportedly told a Psychologist that she was afraid one of the people involved in the alleged violation would recognise her.

The Institut Mallorquí d'Afers Socials, or IMAS, reportedly did not inform her adoptive parents that she was being moved until a week ago.

Very Dangerous People

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The teenager said that she knew one of the people awaiting trial and was afraid of being stabbed because “the people from the Son Gotleu neighbourhood and from Corea are very dangerous” according to a report by the Family Care Unit or UFAM of the National Police.

The victim told Police that on December 24, she met a group of people from the Corea neighbourhood of the city, who persuaded her to go to with them to Son Gotleu. When they arrived, 6 boys allegedly took turns raping her, then took her to an apartment in Camp Redó where they continued to abuse her.

The six minors claim the sex was consensual and reportedly gave Police some WhatsApp messages and video to support their story.

A 19-year-old who was also present during the alleged incident told Police he had nothing to do with it.