One of the marijuana greenhouses. | Policia Nacional

One of two people detained on Monday in an operation by the National and Palma Police is described as a "leading expert" on marijuana. A 51-year-old Spaniard, his knowledge enabled the production, treatment and sale of the drug. He also financed an establishment for the latest-generation methods of planting marijuana plus drying and experimentation facilities.

Operation "Draco" has led to the seizure of six kilos of marijuana and to the dismantling of this establishment, which was equipped with concealment and detection measures. The operation arose following information regarding an increase in the sale and use of drugs in the Plaça Tubo area of Palma. Officers found that there was much selling at one particular bar but suspected that there was a more complex network behind this.

Raids in Palma and Costitx resulted in the discovery of cultivation and treatment facilities with a capacity for 500 plants. There were greenhouses covered by black tarpaulin, which was to hide the light that was used 24 hours a day for growing the plants. These occupied a space of 6,000 square metres.