How many hire cars can Majorca sustain?

13-08-2018Patricia Lozano

At Thursday's Council of Majorca plenary, El Pi are to propose that a study is made of how many rental vehicles the island can cope with. The party's spokesperson, Xisca Mora, says that El Pi want there to be regulation of the number of vehicles. The study should indicate the number that can be supported and what the limit could be, "as is being done on other islands".

El Pi are to stress the need for the Council to initiate legislative procedures regarding rental vehicles; this would be within the framework of sustainable mobility.


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BMC / Hace about 1 year

As a regular visitor to Majorca for almost 50 years and an owner of an apartment for almost 15 years. I would love to not have to hire a car. Problem is that Taxi fares especially from the airport are so high. It is far cheaper for me to hire a car for a week than to have a taxi to and from my apartment for the airport.


Stan / Hace about 1 year

At last !!!!. There are far too many Hire Cars on the roads in the Season. Also, the number of residents Cars has spiralled. The number of 4x4 gas guzzling planet polluters are saturating the roads everywhere. They are being driven at high speeds. They TAILGATE smaller Cars. The way that Cars are being driven here is frightening. Is there an Emergency for all these speeding drivers. Or are they rushing to see a Fire !!!!!. I feel more speed cameras are needed to deal with these sad Formula 1 copy cat drivers , who are dangerous on Mallorca. Along with idiotic Boy and Girl RACERS !!!