The tram from the centre of Palma to the airport might just become a reality. | Archive


At Thursday's meeting between Aena and Balearic government representatives, the airports authority was asked to be involved with the plan for a tram system from the centre of Palma to Son Sant Joan Airport. Transport minister Marc Pons said after the meeting that the government wants Aena to assist with the financing of the tram project.

Defining this as a "strategic project" for the current administration, Pons added that Aena should be involved with technical aspects and with deciding on the siting of the station at the airport.

Tomás Melgar, the airport's director, stated that Aena and the government will be working together in improving aspects related to mobility and in examining the route for the tram. Pons noted that the tram scheme doesn't form part of the Aena plans for development at the airport and thanked Aena for being receptive to the project.