The National Police arrested the priest. | Veronica Lacasa

A 45-year-old Hindu priest in Palma has been detained by the National Police accused of the sexual abuse of a 14-year-old girl.

The police say that during prayers on the fifteenth of January, the priest invited the girl into a private room while her family continued to pray. He allegedly gave the girl one euro and started to fondle her intimately. This lasted for around a minute. Two days later, the same thing is said to have occurred but for some ten minutes on this occasion.

The girl told her brother what had happened. They in turn informed their father, who went to the temple, where the priest denied the facts. The next day, a notice was put up at the temple which claimed that the father was a liar, should publicly apologise and financially compensate the temple.

The family went to the National Police and made a report. During the police investigations it was discovered that the priest had booked a flight out of Spain.