Biel Barceló (centre) of the Arenal citizens group.


The Arenal citizens group has registered five requests with Palma mayor José Hila which relate to deterioration in Playa de Palma.

Getting something done about improvements, says the group's president Biel Barceló, has been "dragging on for far too long". He hopes that these requests will make the mayor appreciate that everything remains the same in Playa de Palma because of lack of maintenance.

It isn't the first time that this issue is being brought to the mayor's attention. Not so long ago, the citizens group and hoteliers presented a dossier which itemised over 300 deficiencies. They have in the past made a proposal for Playa de Palma to have a specific police force. The town hall has never responded to this. Barceló explains that residents are highly sceptical about town hall actions in Playa de Palma. "There have been too many lies down the years. The only hopes are with pressure being applied and our being active and vigilant."

The five requests relate to: security bollards that have been vandalised, need replacing and being more aesthetically pleasing; the lack of trees along the whole promenade; the replacement of posters outlining bylaws - these posters have been covered with publicity stickers; the suspension of licences for street musicians, who cause problems because of noise and gatherings of people; and bus services.

In the case of the latter, the elimination of the EMT number 15 service has meant, for example, that people in El Molinar need to make "unnecessary bus changes" in order to get to Arenal. Many people have gone back to using their cars.