National Police in Minorca have detained four people. | Marta Jara

One of four people detained in Minorca in connection with the corruption of minors and drug trafficking was arrested earlier this month for his alleged involvement in a plot to murder the husband of a woman who was having an affair with another man.

The 43-year-old, who is from the Dominican Republic, is a resident of Mahon and has a police record for previous offences. He had been released on charges, given a restraining order, had his passport withdrawn and barred from leaving the island. According to the National Police, he had been hired as a hitman by the couple and had been paid 2,000 euros.

Two Spaniards and an Ecuadorean are the other three people to have been arrested for the corruption of minors.

The cases of child sexual exploitation in Minorca are similar to those in Majorca. There is some additional controversy in Minorca regarding the legal status of these teenagers - there are four of them. The Council of Minorca maintains that they were not being supervised by social services as they had not been taken into a care centre or home. Police sources say that two of the four should be subject to supervision.