Cabrera National Park - archive


The Minister for Environment & Territory, Miquel Mir, has responded to questions raised about the Royal Algerian Decree that would affect the waters of Cabrera National Park, saying “It cannot be applied."

Mr Mir said in a statement that the Government is extremely concerned about the environmental risks that delimiting the exclusion zone would entail and that a letter has been sent to the Minister of Ecological Transition asking “what steps have been taken.”

Minister Mir also expressed concern over the possibility of "opening the door to new oil exploration” and made it clear that the Government would be “firmly opposed” to any such projects.

"We have no evidence that there are any projects currently pending within these areas, but the suspicions are there and the Government will remain vigilant,” he said.

He added, “there could be a conflict of sovereignty between the two countries, since the Algerian State seems to have invaded these waters slightly,” but stressed that it was Spain who first included these waters in its exclusive economic zone. He indicated that the State has filed a diplomatic complaint rejecting Algeria's actions.

The President of the Government, Francina Armengol, has again confirmed that “the appropriate steps have been taken" with the State Government in relation to the extension of the sovereignty of Algeria over Cabrera National Park waters.