Palma skyline | Wendy Wighton Urquhart


Palma is 19 degrees and sunny all day long with a gentle wind and an overnight low of 7.

Andratx is lovely too, lots of sunshine with not a cloud in the sky, a high of 18 degrees and a low of 8.

Morning sunshine will give way to thick fog this afternoon in Santanyi and the high of 18 will plummet to just 5 degrees after dark.

It’s a gorgeous sunny day in Pollensa and 20 degrees with no wind at all and a low of 6.

And it’s 19 and sunny in Soller with a slight breeze and a low of 6 degrees.

You can view the weather live across the island on our webcam page.

Feb 23 What’s On

Carnival weekend is in full swing island-wide today with tons of events on offer for adults and children, including parades, barbecues and live music. Check out the Majorca Daily Bulletin What’s On pages for details of events in your area.

Clarinet player, Pascual Martínez joins the Manacor Band of Music for a live concert at Manacor Auditorium in Passeig Ferrocarril at 1830 and tickets only cost 6 euros.

The Palma Jazz Festival concludes at Teatre Desc Forteza in Palma with Manel Camp on piano at 19.00 and it costs 15 euros to get in.

And it’s your last chance to tour the replica historical Spanish galleon, Andalucía, she’s docked in Palma and open to the public from 10.00 until 18.30.