People in Palma will continue to be able to have as many pets as they like. | Archive


Palma town hall's new animal welfare bylaw is likely to include provision for analysis of dog excrement as a means of fining owners who don't pick it up. The councillor for animal welfare, Ramon Perpinyà, notes that DNA analysis is already done by other municipalities in Spain (including Majorca) and that the cost of doing so - some fifty euros per test - would be included in the 300 euros fine.

The bylaw is also expected to oblige owners to dilute dog urine, while it will not be including any limits on the number of pets that people can have. There was a good deal of controversy when the previous councillor, Neus Truyol, proposed that limits of three pets per flat and five per house could be introduced. However, town hall inspectors will be given powers to enter properties if there are suspicions that animals are not being well looked after.