Mateu Orfila Hospital, Minorca | Ultima Hora

Tests on two patients from Minorca and one from Ibiza who were suspected of having coronavirus are negative.

One of the patients from Minorca noticed flu like symptoms on Tuesday after returning from Italy and was treated at the Emergency Department at Salat Canal de Ciutadella Health Centre.

On Wednesday samples from two other people were sent to Son Espases Hospital where analysis proved they had not contracted the Covid-19 virus.

Ibiza negative

The Head of Internal Medicine the Health Area in the Pitiusas, Dr. Ramón Canet, said a patient who went to the Emergency Department in Ibiza on Tuesday and was admitted to Can Misses Hospital, has tested negative for coronavirus.

It’s the third suspected case of the virus on the White Island and Dr Canet is convinced that the rapid spread of the disease is likely to mean more people will be diagnosed with the virus.

“News or rumours about the existence of a suspicious case at Can Misses Hospital or Formentera Hospital will become more frequent, you have to get used to it,” he explained.

The doctor also said that he is "always alert" about the mechanisms of disease transmission and pointed out that the best way to stop the spread of the virus is to wash hands properly and often and avoid contact with sick people.