Checking patients for symptoms of fever. | Ultima Hora

More than 100 guests have been given the all clear to leave a hotel in Tenerife after a three day lockdown over coronavirus.

The remaining 700-plus guests may also be on their way home soon.

“Not one of these tourists, clients or guests are showing any symptoms of the virus, so a decision has been made to release 130 people and the remaining ones could be leaving the hotel as soon as their situation has been verified,” said a Regional Government spokesperson.

All guests and staff at the H10 Costa Adeje Palace Hotel in Tenerife have been kept in isolation since four Italian tourists were diagnosed with coronavirus.

As of Thursday 15 cases of Covid-19 Virus had been diagnosed nationwide in Spain and the majority of them are linked to Italy which has been hit by the worst outbreak of the disease in Europe with 528 cases and 14 deaths.