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The Best Ensaimada in the World is made by Pastisseria Can Pons from the Es Mercadal neighbourhood of Minorca.

Ten finalists who took part in the 4th edition of the Ensaimada Competition on Sunday.

Patisseria Can Pons in es Mercadal makes Best Ensaimada In The World

The contestants were Ca'n Cerdà, from Valldemossa; C'an Nadal, from Campos; Ca'n Pau, from Llucmajor; Can Nadal, of Andratx; Benet Barón, from Porreres; Forn des Pla de Na Tesa, from Marratxí; Pes de Sa Palla, from Palma; Herbera Bakery, from Ciutadella, and Can Pons, from Es Mercadal.

2nd prize in the ensaimade contest went to Forn del Pla de na Tesa of Marratxí and Forn de Can Pau of Llucmajor came in third.

Ensaimada World Championship

It is an International competition and all of the participants from Majorca have at least five years experience of preparing ensaimadas.

The winner gets the title, Best Ensaimada In The World and 1,000 kilos of flour. The runner up gets 500 kilos of flour and 3rd place gets 250 kilos.