Son Llatzer Hospital, Majorca. archive photo | Ultima Hora


A sixth person has been diagnosed with coronavirus in Majorca and it’s the first time a patient has been infected here on the island.

A male relative of a patient who was admitted to Son Llàtzer Hospital on Tuesday after a trip to Turin in Italy has tested positive.

He was under surveillance as a precaution when he developed symptoms so biological samples were taken and he is now in an isolation ward in hospital.

The General Directorate of Public Health & Participation is contacting those who’ve been in touch with the patient to find out if any of them also have symptoms.

Cases in Mallorca

A British expat who was infected during a ski trip to France was the first person on the island to test positive for the disease, but has been treated and is now cleared of the virus. A woman who developed symptoms after a trip to Bergamo in Italy is in isolation at Son Espases Hospital and reportedly recovering well. The third patient, who’s in Son Llàtzer Hospital caught the virus in Turin and has infected a relative. A couple from sa Pobla who are related to the the woman who travelled to Bergamo were also diagnosed with coronavirus and are in isolation at Inca hospital.