British PM, Boris Johnson expressed sympathy for victim and family.

British PM, Boris Johnson expressed sympathy for victim and family.

04-03-2020Toby Melville, Reuters

The United Kingdom has announced its first fatality from coronavirus.

The victim was an elderly patient who was admitted to the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading on Wednesday and tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.

According to Chief Medical Adviser, Professor Chris Whitty he was infected in the UK and had underlying illnesses.

Boris Johnson has expressed his “sympathy for the victim and their family.”

The British Prime Minister also pointed out that the UK is still in the 1st phase of a 4-part plan to eradicate the virus which he described in the past as, contain, delay, research and mitigate.

Government ministers are reportedly still swithering over whether to start banning big events or launch other measures in order to restrict the spread of the disease.

116 people in the United Kingdom have now tested positive for coronavirus, that’s an increase of 30 cases within 24 hours.

105 of the patients are in England, 6 in Scotland, 3 in Northern Ireland and 2 in Wales.

On Thursday, the Italian government urged anyone who has visited the country to self-isolate, whether they have symptoms or not, saying the whole of Italy is now classed as a recognised area of concern.


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Peter Eriksson / Hace about 1 year

South Koreas authorities recommend other country’s to start up drive trough test station’s. The best way to fight the corona virus. It would be great to have here in Mallorca.


GG / Hace about 1 year

UK Confirmed: 115 Deaths: 1 Recovered: 8 Active: 106

Spain Confirmed: 259 (yesterday 222) Deaths: 3 Recovered: 2 Existing: 254

Source: Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE (Late evening Thursday, March 5.)

Our Professor of Virology, Scientist (Northern Europe): His group is researching the older pandemics of the Asian 1957 and Hong Kong influenza 1968-1969. We must prepare for the worst-case scenario, where several tens of percent of the population will fall ill in covid-19. But mathematical models also expect 25 percent of the population to fall ill. Norway expects 25 per cent of patients in covid-19 and Denmark 10-15 per cent with these mathematical models. Note that in 1957 / 1968-1969 we had more air in the system. Today everything is very, very slim.slimmer.

You should take this into account, not a "tourist doctor" or "tourist politician" who says "everything is good", do not worry "," we have the best healthcare in the world". One (1) mistake you have what they have it in Italy.

PS. Respiratory mask FFP3 (class FFP3, type brand M3) is the only mask that helps against the coronavirus. Everything else is cosmetics. But, there is no one left in the market! Sorry. (I bought 20 pieces M3 FFP3 for one and a half weeks back.)