British PM, Boris Johnson expressed sympathy for victim and family. | Toby Melville, Reuters

The United Kingdom has announced its first fatality from coronavirus.

The victim was an elderly patient who was admitted to the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading on Wednesday and tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.

According to Chief Medical Adviser, Professor Chris Whitty he was infected in the UK and had underlying illnesses.

Boris Johnson has expressed his “sympathy for the victim and their family.”

The British Prime Minister also pointed out that the UK is still in the 1st phase of a 4-part plan to eradicate the virus which he described in the past as, contain, delay, research and mitigate.

Government ministers are reportedly still swithering over whether to start banning big events or launch other measures in order to restrict the spread of the disease.

116 people in the United Kingdom have now tested positive for coronavirus, that’s an increase of 30 cases within 24 hours.

105 of the patients are in England, 6 in Scotland, 3 in Northern Ireland and 2 in Wales.

On Thursday, the Italian government urged anyone who has visited the country to self-isolate, whether they have symptoms or not, saying the whole of Italy is now classed as a recognised area of concern.