The Majorca Tourism Foundation advisory council met on Friday. | Twitter


The Majorca Tourism Foundation's advisory council met on Friday, and following the meeting, the president of the Council of Majorca, Catalina Cladera, said that it will be necessary to "re-scale" tourism promotion over the coming weeks.

Cladera stressed the importance of adapting to the "new situation" (with coronavirus) and so doing all that is possible to "meet the forecasts for this tourism season". She drew attention to the fact that Majorca is "safe, reliable and, above all, a destination where we should emphasise the strength of our health system by comparison with others".

In the middle of this month there is to be a conference with tour operators at which the strengths of Majorca as a tourist destination will be emphasised, while there will be a week in Berlin at the start of next month to promote Majorca as a sports tourism destination. Town halls, businesses and sportspeople will be taking part in this.

The councillor for tourism and sport, Andreu Serra, said that this promotion in Berlin will provide an opportunity for town halls to present their tourist products and to network.

The executive vice-president of the Majorca Hoteliers Federation, María José Aguiló, observed that the situation with coronavirus is being managed in an optimal manner by the health service, adding that "we have to act with professionalism and by giving reassurance". Aguiló said that it was "logical" that there would be cancellations, "but we have to take the focus away from these". "We shouldn't have a counter for how many cancellations, as I believe this gives a negative message."