National Police and Customs Surveillance analyse the abandoned boat. 08-03-2020 | Julio Bastida


The National Police and Customs Surveillance have launched an investigation in Play de Palma after a boat was discovered drifting off the coastline on Friday.

The hull was very badly damaged and when the boat eventually sank, the drug squad boarded the vessel and confiscated a number of items which are now being analysed.

Majorca is widely believed to be the supply point for the main drug routes between Africa and France and Officers are convinced that the 7.5 metre long boat, which was fitted with very sophisticated technology, was being used by traffickers.

"A route between Morocco and the Strait does not require refuelling, but to cover a route between Morocco, Algeria and France it is necessary to receive the logistical support of a nursing or replacement boat and when the boat was found there was more than 1,000 litres of fuel inside,” said a drug trafficking expert.

Investigators believe that the crew had problems during the storm on Friday and that they abandoned the boat when another sailing ship came to their aid.