Overcrowded train. archive photo | Ultima Hora

Serveis Ferroviaris or SFM has brought back 4 of the 6 express train services that were cancelled.

The Palma-Inca 0607 and the Inca-Palma 0650 express train are back in action as of Monday March 9.

The 0659 express service from Manacor and the 0733 express train from Inca are also up and running.

Last week more than 20 commuters staged two days of peaceful protests at the Palma Intermodal Station during rush hour to demonstrate against the infrequency of trains.

They were demanding "more trains, more capacity, higher frequency and better treatment by SFM (Mallorca Rail Services) and CTM (Mallorca Transport Consortium)".

So far, the only two express services that haven’t been put back in action are the 0745 Palma-Inca and the 0833 Inca-Palma.

The Inca-Palma express train at 0650 is one of the most crowded trains in service.

The number of commuters travelling in and out of Palma has quadrupled since 2015 and the Government and Union Representatives have promised to do something about the train services by the end of next year.