Government held coronavirus strategy meeting at Can Campaner. | M. À. Cañellas


The Government says that points of entry in Majorca present the biggest risk for the spread of coronavirus.

“Our concern is in ports and airports for passengers coming from risk areas. It is assumed that fewer and fewer people will come, but it is important that they know what needs to be done,” said the Minister of Salut, Patricia Gomez.

Representatives from the Presidencies, Education, Tourism, Public Administration & Social Affairs, Island Councils, Palma City Council, FELIB, the Delegation of the Government of Parliament and the Bisbat of Majorca were called to an interdepartmental meeting to discuss the Covid-19 virus.

Minister Gomez pointed out that the Balearic Islands is still in the containment phase of the outbreak and that at this point, the different communities should take measures based on the number of infections in their area.

“The situation in Spain is not homogeneous and there are autonomies that already adopt mitigation measures such as not holding congresses,” she said.

She also warned that the outbreak in northern Italy "has provoked a before and after situation in the expansion of the epidemic,” saying "decisions will be made as cases increase."

There are now 13 cases of coronavirus in the Balearic Islands, which represents 1% of the total diagnosed in Spain.

Schools, residences, institutions, businessmen or anyone else in Majorca who needs a fast response or more information about the virus should call the Government helpline on 900101863.

President Armengol thanked the Ministry of Health and Health Professionals in the Community for all the work they have already done with patients who've contracted coronavirus.

"In these situations you realise that we have a magnificent health system," she said.

"We are aware that it has a worldwide impact and its economic derivatives can be important and we must continue to transmit a message of tranquility and responsibility to the population."