Local Police in 'Corea' district of Camp Redo. | Ultima Hora


The National Police and Local Police are to work together to step up surveillance and reduce insecurity, social conflict and drug dealing in the area known as 'Corea' in Camp Redó.

The proposals were agreed on Tuesday at a Local Security Board meeting with the Government Delegate and former Mayor Aina Calvo.

"A collaboration between the Local and National Police in Camp Redó has been agreed,” said Palma Mayor, José Hila, adding, ”the Consistory is making a significant effort to improve these social housing units and public spaces, but we must also strengthen them with social and Police activity".

Mayor Hila says the aim is to wipe out existing problems in the area.

"The assistance of the National Police will intensify Police action in the district which has specific problems that we want to eliminate and will help to rehabilitate the area, strengthen the fight against drug dealing and increase security, day and night,” he said. “The delinquent behaviour reported by neighbours in the area must end and we believe this can be done through Social and Police intervention, which is what we will focus on in the coming months.”

The Government delegate and former Mayor Aina Calvo pointed out that improving the security of homes in Camp Redó is one of Cort's priorities and says she's confident that the regeneration of the area, together with increased surveillance and Police co-ordination and co-operation will help achieve these goals.