The victim reported what had happened to the Guardia Civil on 7 March. | Michel's


The Guardia Civil have detained two men, aged 20 and 35, in connection with the theft of a Rolex watch from a British citizen in Andratx a week ago.

The 62-year-old Briton, who contacted the Bulletin after the ordeal and explained what had happened, had feared for his life. He and his wife had been on a night out in Puerto Andratx. After his wife went back to their holiday home, he went to a club where he got talking to Spaniard, who "seemed friendly enough". He left the club with this individual and another man, thinking he was going to be given a lift home. Instead, the car stopped, a knife was produced, he received a slight slash to the throat, the watch was stolen, and he was kicked out of the car.

The two suspects are said to have "recognised the facts". The watch, valued at 25,000 pounds, had been hidden under a seat of the car. It has been returned to its owner.