Terraces in Palma now without enclosures. | Jaume Morey


The spokesperson for Ciudadanos (Cs) at Palma town hall, Eva Pomar, stated on Friday that the councillor for citizen participation, Alberto Jarabo, was "lying" when he said that the terraces' bylaw would not mean business losses. He has shown that "his vision of reality is distorted because of his ideology".

On a visit to Santa Catalina to find out how the bylaw is affecting restaurants, Pomar observed that the town hall administration had said that restaurant owners are "delighted", when they are in fact "reporting losses and being obliged to cut jobs". An indication that there are layoffs, she added, is that unions have been set against the town hall. There has been a "lack of consensus" with the bylaw, while "senior officials at the town hall are laughing on social media".

Pomar noted that the Cs have proposed a reduction in the terrace tax from 41 euros to 28 euros per square metre, something which has been "well received by the restaurant sector". Her party, she said, is also demanding that there be a working party to monitor the bylaw.