Ib-Salut launches a Plan B to alleviate the pressure on 061 Personnel. | Ultima Hora


The Ministry of Health has launched a rapid response self-test for coronavirus to alleviate the pressure on 061 Emergency Services personnel.

It’s a simple questionnaire which tells people what to do if they think they have contracted coronavirus.

To take the test log on to www.ibsalut.es/ciutadania-ca/cuidar-la-salut/test-coronavirus.

Urgent cases, such as anyone who has been in a high risk area, has symptoms or was in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus is advised to call 061 Emergency Service personnel.

When people call 061, their number is registered and medical experts are assigned to the case, but with an increasing number of people using the service, delays are inevitable and it may take some time for them to call back.