The waste has been denounced.

14-03-2020Alternativa per Pollença Facebook

The Alternativa per Pollença have denounced what they describe as the uncontrolled accumulation of contaminating waste on municipal land in Llenaire (Puerto Pollensa).

The Alternativa, in opposition at the town hall, are drawing attention to the fact that, some eighteen months ago, boats that had been damaged by fire were deposited on the plot; they have fibres and contaminating ash. The Alternativa say that the town hall has been denouncing anti-social dumping of waste but should have started by making its own example.

The mayor, Tomeu Cifre, explains that the situation has existed since the time of the previous administration and that the Guardia Civil are investigating. "It isn't good, and we have to take the necessary measures to sort out this plot, which was like this when we entered government (at the town hall)."


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Christopher C. / Hace about 1 year

“Lazy rich boat owners”? Are you ill?

This is some bone idle waste disposal merchant who’s been paid by insurance companies to remove damaged goods, but who had decided he makes more money by dumping it rather than paying the legitimate disposal fees.

Try not to let your politics of envy cloud your impartiality.


Frederick Jessop / Hace about 1 year

Classic lazy rich Boat Owners etc. They do not care. As long as they can play on the sea. Dump their Bilge whereever they do not care. Disgraceful lazy people destroying the Island.