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The state of alert in Spain took effect from midnight on Saturday. For the next fortnight (at least), the following is what you will be able to do or not do.

You can leave home to go to work if an alternative is not possible, i.e. working from home, and to provide care services to the elderly, minors and dependents. As from Monday, companies are obliged to facilitate remote working where this can be done.

Go for a run or walk the dog? Taking the dog for a walk is permitted, ensuring at all times to keep safe distances from others. All outings for "leisure" purposes and which are not essential are prohibited. In this regard, going for a run, a bike ride or a stroll along the beach is not permitted.

Go to get a paper and cigarettes? Newsagents and tobacconists will be open. As will be food and drink stores; pharmacies; opticians; other establishments with medical and hygiene supplies; banks and insurers; stores selling technology and telecommunications equipment; stationers; shops selling pet food; shops for internet, telephone and correspondence (including, presumably, post offices); dry cleaners and laundries; hairdressers; petrol stations.

Health centres and hospitals will of course be open.

All movements should be individual. In other words, if you drive somewhere, you drive alone and not as a couple or in a group.

Can I use public transport? For essential purposes, yes, although it is not recommended. Public transport services will be operating at 50% capacity and are being thoroughly and regularly disinfected.

Can I visit friends and family? No. Visiting elderly relatives who need care and assistance, yes.

Can I travel from one village or town to another? For work or other essential reasons, yes, and also if it is for returning to your place of habitual residence. Police controls will be checking on reasons for travel. Roads will be subject to potential closure.

Can I go to a bar or restaurant? No. All bars, cafés, restaurants are closed. Establishments offering home delivery services will still operate.

Museums, theatres, cinemas, gyms … ? No, all types of establishment for any form of leisure, entertainment, sporting, cultural and similar activity are closed.

Are hotels closed? They haven't been ordered to close, but many will have.

If you display any symptoms of coronavirus, call 061.