Francina Armengol, President of the Government of the Balearic Islands.

Francina Armengol, President of the Government of the Balearic Islands.

15-03-2020M. À. Cañellas

The President of the Government, Francina Armengol, has asked the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to defer mortgage payments as people deal with the problems caused by coronavirus and the State of Emergency. She also Prime Minister Sanchez for direct help for residents, companies and the public administration.

Francina Armengol wants the Ministry of Development to tighten air and sea restrictions even more and her plan is send all Spanish tourists back to their autonomous communities and send all foreign tourists home to their own countries.

"The necessary flights are guaranteed for the return of Balearic residents to the Islands and the rest will be restricted as much as possible by air and sea,” but freight traffic will be guaranteed.

She also said that it was pointless carrying out health checks at airports because of the incubation period and made it clear that the State of Emergency affects everyone, including tourists saying no-one is allowed to walk around the streets.

President Armengol advised anyone who is able to work from home to do so and insisted that there is no shortage of any products and that there is no need to stockpile.

55 people in the Balearic Islands have been diagnosed with coronavirus, 50 in Majorca, 3 in Minorca and 2 in Ibiza.


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ellis rochlin / Hace about 1 year

every year we/family make or take ,a SHORT easter break to sunny mallorca . My wife is catholic and ALWAYS loves to visit THE MAGNIFICENTpalma cathedral. accomodation and hire car is penalty free to cancel at present but our easyjet flights are not . They are at present allowing us to transfer flights by place or time with no administration fees BUT WHEN DO YOU KNOW TO REBOOK from having the available holiday window or just knowing when this awful world shattering VIRUS WILL END ?


Tony / Hace about 1 year

Should have done that to the Chinese when this all came out , you wouldn’t have this problem now


Lizz / Hace about 1 year

Looking at the flight radar today I noticed lots of flights incoming from Germany, do these people have special immunity to the virus ?