Interior Minister, Fernando Grande Marlaska; Health Minister, Salvador Illa; Defence Minister, Margarita Robles; Transport Minister, José Luis Ábalos | Ultima Hora


The Ministries of Health, Interior, Defence and Transport met with the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez on Sunday to discuss the spread of coronavirus.

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, says they have decided to strengthen the National Health System and put all the facilities of the private health care system at the disposal of the regional directors, who will be also able to use public and private premises that are empty.

Medical Residents who are in their last year of specialist areas will be able to practice.

The ongoing rotations of the Medical Residents is suspended and the hiring of people without a Specialist Degree is authorised, if they have passed the selective tests or if they obtained their degree outside the EU.

Anyone who has a supply of health products such as face masks, diagnostic kits, gloves, gowns must advise the Health Department within 48 hours.

The Defence Minister Margarita Robles has called for liability and generosity to prevent the virus from spreading.

The Armed Forces will ensure the rights and security of all citizens and the Ministry of Health Hospital in Zaragoza will be made available with doctors in reserve. Pharmacies are being asked to provide medicines.

A single command has been created to unify all efforts.

The EMU is being deployed to seven cities where they have battalions, so that they can continue reconnaissance in areas where the risk of contagion may be higher.

The EMU will be sent to more cities this week to assist in the transport of people, goods and the surveillance services of citizens as well as evacuations or transfers if necessary.

Measures have been put in place to take care of the elderly and those who are homeless or have no resources.

The Interior Minister, Fernando Grande Marlaska has issued a warrant detailing the actions taken by agents to "help citizens, protect their health and contain the coronavirus”.

The Minister of Interior will meet the State Coordinating Committee for Civil Protection and Representatives from all the Autonomous Communities on Monday.

A resolution has been issued for prisoners in jails and institutions, tightening the measures already in place to fight coronavirus, by limiting permissions but telephone communications have been extended to compensate.

"All measures are designed to protect the health of inmates and prison workers,” said Marlaska.

There were no incidents of note on Sunday, the first day of the State of Emergency, but movement was down by 62% in Madrid compared to last weekend.

The Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, has requested that only essential journeys be made.

"The drastic reduction in mobility over the next 15 days will be a nuisance, but controlling the virus compromises us all,” he said.

The Balearic Islands has asked the Government to limit travel to the islands by more than 50%.

State-owned public transport services have already been reduced by 50%, except for trains and there will be a basic service running to allow people to get to work. Daily cleaning of all transport is required.

Representatives from the Health Ministries and Home Affairs Department of the EU will decide on Monday whether it’s necessary to close borders in the European Union.

Efforts are being made to repatriate Spanish nationals who are in other countries.