Armed Forces in Palma. | Jaume Morey


Army patrols began in Palma on Wednesday, the 4th day of the State of Emergency introduced in Spain to stem the spread of coronavirus.

Units from the 47th Infantry Regiment are on duty at the Airport, Ports, Shopping centres and in Palma City Centre and according to the General Command of the Balearic Islands all of the patrols are included in the Balmis operation of the Armed Forces.

“The military patrols, State Security Forces and Corps are intended to support the population and inform them of the measures that came into force when the State of Emergency was activated, in compliance with Ministry of Defence instructions for action by the Armed Forces in the wake of the health crisis caused by COVID-19".


The Land Army disinfection unit of the NBQ Defence Regiment, arrived from Valencia on Tuesday and started work at the Provincial Traffic Offices on Wednesday in Sa Taulerá, Son Malferit and dungeons of the Superior Police Headquarters.

“It is clear that the Armed Forces are one of the instruments at the service of the State to be used in this type of Emergency situation and their main objective is to support the population in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, in close collaboration with the rest of the State Security Forces, Institutions and Public Administrations.”